Artemide App

Smart, convenient, intuitive – Light control with the Artemide app

Artemide not only designs visionary lights and lighting systems, but it also provides digital solutions for customised, flexible lighting control in the form of the Artemide app. Completely in keeping with our corporate philosophy of “The Human Light”, the Artemide app is designed to allow users to configure their own lighting scenarios simply and easily.

Light has a huge influence on our wellbeing and performance. The app enables lights to be switched on and off intuitively or dimmed. The light intensity, colour and colour temperature can be changed with a simple finger swipe. Personalised lighting scenarios can also be programmed as desired.

Artemide App

Up to 500 individual LED lights can be combined together to produce complex illumination scenarios, making the app not only suitable for your home but for commercial areas too. Lighting in large offices, hotels, restaurants, stores, museums and car parks can be regulated with ease via the Artemide app. If you save default settings and scenarios in the cloud, they can be used jointly by a number of people. Security is provided in the form of passwords and different user profiles.

Visionary lighting systems from Artemide and specially integrated sensors open up whole new worlds of possibilities. For example energy can be saved or air humidity, temperature and CO2 levels can be measured with presence or daylight sensors. The Artemide app analyses the sensor technology and provides an overview not just of the lights and lighting scenarios, but of the entire indoor climate as well.

And if you have your hands full in the literal sense, our designer lights can also be controlled by voice command. The addition of an extra component makes the Artemide app compatible with Alexa from Amazon and Google Home.

The Artemide app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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