High performance outdoors

The height of summer means eating outdoors, hanging out with friends in cafés or simply enjoying a sundowner on your balcony or in the garden. Portable lights provide just the right ambience. They are stylish, easy and create a great atmosphere. And they last for ages. We present five individual lighting concepts that are perfect for socialising with friends.

Starring role: Bontà

This cuts quite a dash over dinner. It’s as if Bontà by Davide Oldani & Attila Veress were created to have a starring role at the table. Bowls and plates can be filled with all kinds of delicious fruit and food, and ensure the lamp always looks different. Its base is made from textured frosted glass and is topped off by an interchangeable glass dish. All the elements are made by hand and are therefore unique.



One for all: Come Together

Come Together by Carlotta de Bevilacqua stays illuminated for a long time thanks to its ability to provide light for up to 32 hours. Its rippled transparent body functions like a light tube and can easily be held in the middle, making it a reliable companion outdoors. Thanks to its compact dimensions, Come Together can fit in a rucksack. On Julia’s trip around the world it was the perfect companion.

Spot on: Curiosity

It places other things centre stage and provides just the right frame for them. Davide Oppizzi’s light Curiosity impresses with its slim design and clever concept. A small spotlight in the middle of a metal rectangle illuminates objects underneath, for instance the favourite item from your last holiday. If desired, Curiosity can also be used to serve food itself, providing a magical effect for friends and a professional tool for restaurants, for example if a special dessert or condiments are placed under the spotlight. In exhibitions it makes real highlights out of items of jewellery or clocks.

Light island: Gople Portable

A summer party outdoors and guests are talking, laughing and swapping ideas. On the tables or on the lawn are small islands of light. Gople Portable is the latest addition to an entire family of lights created by BIG (Bjarke Ingels group). Thanks to their plastic diffusor and clear shape, they fit unobtrusively into all kinds of settings.

Light mushroom: Takku

With its characteristic lamp head and large light beam without glare, Takku is the ideal neighbour at your table – unobtrusive and versatile, playful and yet very serene. Designed by Foster + Partners, the world-renowned architecture firm, Takku is a particularly versatile portable lamp with a long-lasting battery that can even be used as a powerbank for mobile phones and tablets.