Ilio 10 Special Edition

A decade of design excellence

Artemide is celebrating the tenth birthday of its Ilio light with a limited gold-silver edition.

A decade ago the legendary designer and founder of the Artemide brand, Ernesto Gismondi, created a masterpiece that pushed the limits of aesthetics and functionality – the Ilio.

With its geometric composition, the minimalist Ilio floor lamp embodies efficient, functional intelligence.

Limited work of art

Each of the 2,000 limited Ilio 10 Special Edition lamps is numbered and carries Ernesto Gismondi’s signature, making it not only an outstanding piece of lighting, but also a unique work of art.

Timeless Elegance

Ilio 10 Special Edition does not just provide illumination, but is a tribute to timeless design and the art of creation. It softly reflects the colours of its surroundings, with each lamp radiating in elegant gold and silver. Its uniqueness embodies our vision of sustainable, long-lasting design.

The aluminium cylinder is fitted with high-performance LEDs that guarantee a high light output combined with energy efficiency. Thanks to the warm 2700 K light colour, the lamp generates a cosy sense of wellbeing.

The Ilio is compatible with the Artemide app, enabling it to be dimmed and individually controlled really easily.

Innovative and sustainable finish

The surface coating is made using an innovative and sustainable metal-vacuum-PVD process that produces no emissions or residual materials. Its final transparent overall coating provides protection against scratches and contains just 5% solvents compared with 75% solvents used in conventional systems.

Ilio 10 Special Edition in ambience