Cheers to the world / wanderlust

A rather unusual ménage à trois: our colleague Julia went travelling for a year with her boyfriend and our battery-powered Come Together lamp. They spent nights together in the Indonesian jungle and watched the sun rise high above the clouds in Hawaii at an altitude of 4200 metres. Julia shares some of her unforgettable experiences and immerses us in foreign cultures. Come Together was an essential companion on the beach, in the urban jungle and on hikes. 

A magical moment as the sun sets over the sea: Julia and her boyfriend enjoy Hawaii.
New Zealand is all about nature. They spent three and a half weeks travelling by van to the most beautiful locations. Gandalf and his friends from “Lord of the Rings” were already out there somewhere.
As Australia is very expensive, we often spent the night in dorms with between four and ten beds in them. Come Together was really practical late at night.
On Bali’s rice terraces:
“A highlight for us was camping in a dome tent with a net in the middle of the jungle in Bali. It was awesome!”

Like Supertrees’ little brother: with Come Together in the glittering city of Singapore, a magnet for architecture lovers.
We travelled through Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi by bus and train, covering some 1732 kilometres in around 32 hours. Luckily there were also some quiet moments in which to relax.
In the Philippines Julia and her boyfriend took a boat trip to see whale sharks: “The people here are so lovely, really friendly and helpful on a scale we haven’t experienced anywhere else.”
In Japan “we met up with some friends we'd made in Hawaii. After a traditional tea ceremony we celebrated next to the river as the day drew to a close.”
On the return trip, they headed back to Hawaii. The couple really liked it there and another magical experience awaited them: the summit of Mauna Kea lying above Hawaii’s clouds. “We set off at night and at an altitude of 4200 metres watched the sun rise”.
In California (USA) they hired a car and travelled to Death Valley National Park, then on to Nevada and Utah. “We loved all the national parks we visited, but Bryce Canyon was our favourite”.
In Mexico “we travelled mainly by bus, ferry and colectivos. These are little buses or vans that don’t cost much money.” Via Valladolid they went to the Mayan city of Chichen Itza and its cenote. Karst caves filled with freshwater “can be found all over Mexico”.