Shining eyes

Delicate soap bubbles float in the air. The light breaks on their thin walls in rainbow colours. Allow yourself to be seduced by “Stellar Nebula”, a whole family of lamps designed by the Danish architectural firm BIG. From the outset, their sketches for “Stellar Nebula” evoked the magic of gossamer-thin glasses, which can never be quite repeated. Each lamp is unique, resulting in a series of singular pieces.

Achieving such a work of floating poetry requires the combination of craftsmanship and high-tech. The individual glass bodies are blown into shape then reheated in the fire. This gives them their own, individual design, so that no two lamps are ever quite the same. With this series, we have taken the possibilities of craftsmanship and individuality in mass production to the limit. The only identical feature in each lamp is the light source, which uses the latest LED technology. Further individualisations can only be conceived as one-off pieces.

“Stellar Nebula” represents the perfectly natural combination of cutting-edge LED technology and traditional craftsmanship. The hand-blown glasses are treated in a vacuum with a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) finishing process. Thin-film technology for a truly stellar encounter. “Stellar Nebula” encompasses a whole family of lamps, from ceiling lamps to floor lamps and individual diffusers with a glass base that can be placed on tables and sideboards. A piece of poetry for everyday use.